Jolanta Zakordoniec 

creator and founder of the cult restaurant

La Cantina w Katowicach.

Ever since I remember, I have always been captivated by the charm of small, local mediterranean restaurants, dishes bathed with sun and wine,  I can not imagine any meal without.

One day – about 20 years ago I thought, why not to bring the climate, that makes us feel wonderfully relaxed to Katowice.

The idea was difficult to accept, because there was no seafood tradition in Silesia, using herbs ,and wine was often distinguished in the category of sweet or dry, white or red.

My Business trips to Spain, Italy, France and Croatia have allowed me to understand how important is to celebrate meals every day and that even the simplest dish will be a real feast if we make it from the best products. Thinking that way I made my wish come true and I placed a patch of the South of Europe in the Katowice Valley of Three Ponds.

It was supposed to be a small, charming place with delicious food, located in the greenery of the Katowice park. I did not expect that La Cantina will quickly gain such great recognition and popularity. Without a doubt, the greatest satisfaction I enjoy is the satisfaction of the guests, which is still stron for 19 years.

Thank you to all Clients and people who helped me and still help me to create this beautiful place.

I would like to emphasize that the essence of creating a restaurant is the willingness to share with people everything the best.

Jolanta Zakordoniec

Today the La Cantina restaurant is the mother for the entire company. We are currently the sole importer and distributor in Poland of many prestigious wines.

We work every day on the selection of exceptional wines for the card. It is over 300 items today.

We import wild fish and seafood straight from the seaport with our own refrigerators or airlines.

We also import beef and meat from all around the world. The choice of steaks in our restaurant is unlimited.

All products we use in our restaurant come from the best producers and proven crops, they are often organic.

Our wish is to live close to nature, but above all in harmony with it.

La Cantina

Mediterranean Restaurant
Trzech Stawów 22, 40-289 Katowice
tel: +48 32 256 29 27
mob.: +48 502 310 179

opening hours

9:00 - 24:00 
12:00 - 24.00